Business Tagline

  • Cutting EDGE in this Corona Era.(2022  Product design, CG )
  • Blooming AI  (2023 AI + International activity ,Fashion Industry )
  • Intelligent Machine Computing  (2024  Codesys+CNC+CADCAM )

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Products Design /  Digital manufacturing 
  • Computer graphics simulation, geometric calculations
  • AI-based audio signal processing, image processing, anomaly detection, and machine control
  • Dedicated CAD/CAM/CNC system development (3D design system, multi-axis synchronous control)

Personal Qualifications and Activities

  • JDLA  Japan Deep Learning Assosiation G検定資格(2019#1) Certification For General 
  • 一般社団法人 日本データサイエンティスト協会 個人会員
    The Japan DataScientist Society – Personal Member
  • Instructor of Using AI and Creating AI applications
  • Publish AI Apps.  ( A Black Cat )